TEASER: Apparel Wax – 002 [side A]

PREMIERE: Discoholycs ft. Joint4nine Old Skull (SofaTalk Remix) [Nomada Records]
ARTWORK: Apparel Radio series
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TEASER: Apparel Wax – 002 [side A]

TEASER: Apparel Wax – 002 [side A]

by Kattelan

Apparel Wax – 002

Label: Apparel Music

Format: 12” – Digital
Cat no: APLWAX002
EAN: 4260544821745
Release : 15.12.2017

Special remarks
The 2nd vinyl comes together with a APLWAX002 Logo Air Balloon, to keep the party on!

A1. 002A1
A2. 002A2
B1. 002B1
B2. 002B2

Here we are! It’s a pleasure to introduce to you the second chapter of Apparel Wax, the vinyl faced artist who tears the dancefloors apart. APLWAX002 is once more a concentrate of groovy beats, catchy melodies and vibrant harmonies that come together to create a solid 4 tracks release with an only one soul: the soul of the music we love to dance to. Indeed, the whole EP doesn’t sound like an assembled work, on the contrary is more a complete entity that moves together in an organic way since the very first track till the last one, creating an impactful musical story. Everyone should be aware that the unknown mystery man is back in town! Premieres on Houseum, Delicieuse Musique and Sleazy Beats.

Info: info@apparelmusic.com

Press: info@kattelan.com

Web: www.apparelmusic.com