Jazzy Hour RADIO SHOW by Kisk

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Jazzy Hour RADIO SHOW by Kisk

Jazzy Hour Radio Show by Kisk

Jazzy Hour RADIO SHOW | condotto da KisK 001


 KiSk is happy to present the new exclusive Jazzy Hour Radio show via Gioconda Radio.

Gioconda Radio: giocondaradio.com
Monday 13 february 2017 / FROM 18:00 TO 19:00 / MONTHLY ISSUES
Jazzy Hour Radio show, explored a variety of genres, from trip hop to swing, passing through jungle, West London and Detroit house, to deep house, while never abandoning jazz – the wildest and most impeccable of all – progressively building a digital project. Out of this came the concept of Jazzy, the ability to make jazz and electronic music communicate. Introduced by Kisk, powered by Kattelan Agency.

Kisk Infos

Bio: Giuseppe D’Alessandro – aka Kisk – is the owner of Apparel Music, a label based in London but with multi-cultural roots. After years spent paying his dues in Milan’s historic clubs, from Old Fashion to Trattoria Toscana, in unauthorized centri sociali or ‘squat clubs’, fashion shows and radio work, he turned his attention to production. The discography is varied and rich in international collaborations, starting with releases for Multivitamins (UK), then for the PRO-TEZ (Russia), Defected (Uk), The dub (It) and Vibe Me Records (Es). In 2009, Giuseppe creates Apparel Music – a ‘kitchen’ of artists from all over the planet. Among the many partnerships are long-established collaborations in Russia with the duo SCSI-9 and in Germany with major artists like Lopazz, Elon, Chris Wood, Tom Clark, Ekkohaus as well as Delano Smith, Moodymanc, Domu, Tuccillo, Ali Kuru, Yapacc, Casio Casino, Sarp Yilmaz, Huxley, Lula Circus, Roy Gilles, Fog, Gavin Herlihy and the list goes on. In 2015 Kisk start a new collaboration with italian maestro Claudio Coccoluto and become the project manager of his label, the dub. In 2016 born Quartet Series, a fresh imprint, founded by Kisk and Nachtbraker, with four vinyl releases in the pipeline, featuring four different artists and commissioned storyboard comics on the sleeve. Marketing & Music Culture’ teacher in Recreative 12 dj school, Milano. The last years Kisk has perfomed in legendary clubs like Fabric, Tresor, Amnesia, Fluid, Peter Pan, Bitte, Leoncavallo, Pergola Tribe, Link, Masada and many less known but equally important parties. Kisk has played with artists like Mount Kimbie, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Alex Under, Dave Clarke, Shinedoe, Cedric Maison, Chymera, The Hacker, Delano Smith, Anton Kubikov, Scan7, Monica Kruse, Claudio Coccoluto, Luke Slater aka Planetary Assault Systems, Seiji, The Advent, Mathematics, Yapacc, Daniel Wang, Noze, Silicone Soul, Ekkohaus, System Of Survival, Tim Xavier, Red Robin, Format:B, Marek Hemmann, Lopazz, Valentino Kanziani, Tobi Neumann, Kaiserdisco, Smash Tv, Alex Picone, Sasha Funke, Lula Circus, Korablove, Sarp Yilmaz, Paco Osuna, Peter Pixel, Huxley, Moodymanc, Ben Klock, Rico Casazza, Magda, Louie Austen, St. Vincent, Oliver Deutschmann, Ed Davenport…

Guest001: SCHiLLiNG

Bio: SCHiLLiNG is a London based producer, sound designer & label owner. Born and bred in Milan, he grew up listening to his dad’s vinyl collection, mostly made up of rock n’ roll, classical music & italian hits from the 60’s; since his very early days he developed a worship for music, listening and analyzing it obsessively. Honest drummer, lazy singer and unsuccessful pianist he studied sound design and electronic music production between Italy and the UK and has been working for several years with artists, sculpting soundscapes for exhibitions and installations. He got mainly influenced by the music of the 90’s which is his favorite decade and especially by the UK scene, so he develops his own taste following the legacy that genres like Jungle, d&b, breakbeat & hip-hop have left. Schilling massively employs environmental sounds and home recordings in his productions, essentials to create a personal style and loves to discover new kinds of music which allows him to step up in the process of artistic “contamination” which is the foundation of his work and philosophy. When he plays live he uses either digital and analog devices like keyboards, synthesizers, MIDI controllers and samplers, along with analog affects such as delays and reverbs. His workflow doesn’t follow any path: he just canalizes his feelings into a very natural and uncompromising process that leads him to many different musical approaches, wether collaborative or individuals. When he’s not absorbed by music he tries to figure out how his life would have been if he chose to be a sports journalist!