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Apparel Book


May 21, 2020


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In the special occasion of our 10th birthday we wanted to make something to create something really memorable, bringing together in two vinyl some of the most in uential artists who took part in the making of our history and some new ones, yet prominent and successful, to the family. All of them had a fascinating mission to accomplish honouring the concept of ‘Jazzy’ which is the notion and approach set ten years ago as the fundament of Apparel Music and we can plainly say that they’ve won the challenge, brightly, producing eight stunning tracks which represent an ideal declination of the requirements you need to enter the AM family.

The roster of artists behind this record perfectly represents the international soul of the label and very much speaks for itself, from our head honcho Kisk to ‘The Voice’ Robert Owens, our longtime family members Ivano Tetelepta & Eugène Latumeten, the Swedish Salary Boy, the great Tuccillo with his recognisable style, the American Fred P who’s music is the best introduction of his abilities and needs no further presentation, to the young gun Chevals with his bright talent. The final side then is the debut’s side with the iconic Art Of Tones who’s career as a pioneer of dance music speaks for itself and last but not least the marvellous duo Marcel Vogel & Tim Jules, also new to the AM family, who’s baptism ful ls our high expectations. A list of virtuosos worth an All-Star Game!

Finally a very special and important mention for the artist and friend of the AM’s clan Marco Fantini, a true visionary who blessed us with the chance of choosing amongst some of his stunning artworks for the covers of the record. Each production, indeed, has a different and dedicated piece that reflects the mood of the track. Thanks Marco for having such an important role in this creative process!