PREMIERE: AppaRec – 001B [Apparel Music]

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PREMIERE: AppaRec – 001B [Apparel Music]

PREMIERE : AppaRec – 001B [Apparel Music] 

AppaRec, a new project coming out of Apparel Music’s factory.
It’s been 2 yrs since the advent of Apparel Wax and we felt the urgency to give birth to a new idea, a newborn brother of the masked hero, which will have the same characteristic of unknownness towards the artists that will be pulling its strings.

Artist: AppaRec
EP: 001
Formate: cassette
Catalogue: #APPAREC001

Label: Apparel-Music
Mastering: Lopazz
Vinyl Cut: Schnittstelle
Manufactoring: RAND Muzik
Distribution: wordandsound
Cassette Release date: #23thSeptember2019
Digital Release date: #23thSeptember2019


The first AppaRec mixtape is a long journey through music, roughly half an hour a side.
A side is a mix of hip-hop instrumentals with some amazing custom scratches, hand made purposely for the occasion; a touch of past with a present feeling.
B side is a long deep funky house production, a proper voyage into the lands of smooth chords and synthesis with some solid rhythmics.
Essentially, AppaRec is thought to give to our listeners the option to choose a different way of listening, longer, more spread and of great quality music, which eventually is the only things that really matters to us. Welcome AppaRec!