PREMIERE: Discoholycs ft. Joint4nine Old Skull (SofaTalk Remix) [Nomada Records]

PREMIERE: 4004 – Part1, Part2 & More [Nomada Records]
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PREMIERE: Discoholycs ft. Joint4nine Old Skull (SofaTalk Remix) [Nomada Records]

PREMIERE : Discoholycs ft. Joint4nine Old Skull (SofaTalk Remix) [Nomada Records]

Artists: Discoholycs feat Joint4nine
Remixer: SofaTalk

EP: 7th Chords, Cigarrettes & Rum
Formate: Digital
Catalogue: #NMD024

Label: Nomada Records
Digital Release date: Nov 28th exclusively on JunoDownload


The colombian duo Discohoycs returns to Nómada Records with their latest reléase “7th Chords, Cigarretes & Rum”. This time they joined strengths with the new and misterious producer “Joint4Nine” with who they develope an Old School, Jazzy & Deep Sound without leaving apart that Disco and Groovy sound that we all know from them. 7th Chords, Cigarretes & Rum E pis composed by four original tracks where we can listen up how gnres such as Hip Hop, Soul, Broken Beat, Jazz and House combine perfectly through sampling techniques, rhythm boxes, rhodes pianos, synths and electric basslines giving as a result the perfect Ep for listening at home or in the club with a couple cigarretes and a shot of rum. In addition the reléase includes a outstanding remix by Broken Beat and Un Jazz italian producer SofaTalk who give us a taste that why #ItaliansDoItBette