PREMIERE: Loure – Needs [Apparel Music]

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PREMIERE: Loure – Needs [Apparel Music]

PREMIERE : Loure – Needs [Apparel Music]

Artists: Loure

EP: Smooth Talk
Formate: 12-Inch + Digital
Catalogue: #APLTD009

Label: Apparel Music
Digital Release date: 2nd April 2018

Next up in the “Apparel Music Limited” series is Loure with a 4 track EP which also includes a remix by Saine.

The name of this work by the Aussie is “Smooth Talk” and it contains all the stylistic elements that make the Melbournian one of the most talented in the scene at the moment.

The EP kicks off with the title track which can be certified as a dancefloor banger with its solid rhythmics and the “smooth” synths playing along with a hint of acid; keeps going with Mutual Motion which gives a display of what this guy can do in terms of creating spacey deep harmonies, such a groovy way to lower the tones before The remix of the 1st track “Smooth Talk”.
Saine here puts his signature once again with another banging tune crafted on Loure sounds, adding his touch with deep percussions, a substantial compact beat with a Bass-line that will get you carried away.
The closing track – Needs – is the right decompression after a journey through sounds: rolling snares, vocal samples chasing each other and a happy touch to finish in style.