PREMIERE: Ferdinand Domes – Wuye Wuye [Nomada Records]

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PREMIERE: Ferdinand Domes – Wuye Wuye [Nomada Records]

PREMIERE : Ferdinand Domes – Wuye Wuye [Nomada Records]

Artists: Ferdinand Domes

EP: Wuye Wuye
Formate: 12-Inch + Digital
Catalogue: #NMD026

Label: Nomada Records
Digital Release date: 21th March 2018

For it’s second vinyl release, Colombian Label Nómada Records returns presenting Ferdinand Domes’ debut solo Ep called “Wuye Wuye” which includes five original tracks infected of heavy MPC drunken Hip Hop beats, percussion, jazzy harmonies, urban melancholia, deep funky basslines, dusty rhodes and warm synths.


Ferdinand is a newcomer producer from Germany, with strong influences of genres such as Hip Hop, Jazz, House and that old school sound that you can get with a MPC Sampler and an Analog Record Tape. Once you hear the first side A track “Wuye Wuye” you will feel like shaking your head up and down with the heavy drunken Groove and the catchy dissonant rhodes phrase. On A2 side there’s “Yosaph”; track which is more friendly with a jazzy deep vibe and scratch samples for those who like smoking and chilling at home. The Last Track on Side A is “Gomme Arabique” a melancholic experimental track with a drunken African percussion, deep jazzy chords and a deep funky bass line. At last but no least you will find two killer dancefloors tracks “Kazimir 2000” and “Drumwrack” on B side. Those two tracks are heavily influenced by Hip Hop and and jazz where you can see how Ferdinand knows to Swing and Groove the MPC as J.Dilla used to.